Temple Beth Shalom

We welcome you to Temple Beth Shalom, your Jewish home on the Emerald Coast!

Please join us for our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat service and Oneg @ 7:30 PM.

The President's Corner

Ledeč nad Sázavou Synagogue

The restoration of our Holocaust Torah was certainly an important milestone in our temple history. Writing a Hebrew letter in this Torah, for those who participated, will be long remembered. We honor our Torah and its history every time it is used. But do we really know its history and the country and town where it came from? What follows, I hope, will give you a closer connection and appreciation of our Torah. It was taken off he poster displays in the Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague along with the photos.

The Rabbi's Corner

From afar, everything seems like a miracle/ but up close even a miracle does not seem like one/ even someone who crossed the Red Sea at its splitting/ saw only the sweaty back/ of the person walking infront of him/ and the movement of his large thighs,/ …”

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