Temple Beth Shalom

We welcome you to Temple Beth Shalom, your Jewish home on the Emerald Coast!

Please join us for our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat service and Oneg @ 7:30 PM.

The Rabbi's Corner

Chanukah, is a word which carries with it all kinds of connotations. We may associate this traditionally minor holiday with delicious fried foods, receiving presents, or lighting a Chanukiah, but these are only customs that have grown out of the story of the Maccabees or our cultural traditions here in America or in Europe. The word “chanukah” means “rededicate,” because the Maccabees drove the Greeks from the ancient Temple and eventually rededicated the Temple to God.

The President's Corner

I almost forgot to write this column because I’m reading several books at the same time. No, I’m far from being an intellectual but I do like books. I have most on my  Kindle but I get more enjoyment from holding a book. I like history books, even historical novels as well a good mystery book - especially a court room drama

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